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AOTB official photographers are Stereovision
When AOTB  was first formed it was our vision to do whatever we can for the dance community. We created an innovative idea by offering "prom shots".  This was an attempt to let the dancers be photograph with a mini photo shoot while in costume. When we thought of this idea only one photographer came to mind and they have been with us from the beginning. They took a leap of faith with the "prom shot" concept 6 years later it is still a big hit. So much so that other events now use Stereovision and the "Prom shot- mini photo shoots" as well.   Stereovison normally shoots over 25,000 photos during our weekend. They are fun and friendly and we love them!!!

Soloists and troupes use this opportunity to have a professional  photo shoot for a minimal amount. It is awesome to see the community enjoy this service

Stereovision captures the best performence shots as well. Please contact them directly to make your arrangements  for all your photography needs
Please contact Stereopvision to set up your photography needs
ArtyB and friends
Hip Sisters
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Stereo Vision Photography is the artistic collaboration of Carlo and Elise Pizarro. They bring both a male and female perspective to their team-approach photography. Coming from backgrounds in both music and dance, they have a natural affinity for the visual arts. Taking a photojournalistic approach, Stereo Vision started their partnership in 2002, specializing in photography of live music, dance, theatre, sideshow, and other performance art. In 2007 they began branching out into studio photography as well, sharing a passion for capturing cutting-edge dance portraits, as well as classic pinup, fashion, and character images. Stereo Vision Photography’s is internationally known their work has been featured on numerous belly dance flyers and advertisements both in the US and the UK.

Masala Movements
Phoenix of Denver
Rashid & Halima

Some tips for a great photo shoot:
Come with full makeup on, stage makeup is fine - even great, especially if you're doing a costumed photo shoot. Full makeup will translate well in photo shoots.
Get some rest the night before (if possible), so you don't have tired eyes and stay well hydrated for glowing skin.
A few weeks before your shoot, check out some images online, in magazines, or in books that you like - they can be belly dancers, or other photos that you just like for pose ideas.
Practice poses and expressions in the mirror to learn what works for your body and face. Although we will take both full body and closer in shots, medium shots (from mid-thigh up) and close up shots (from waist up) really look the best for the portable studio, so definitely concentrate on looking for image inspirations that include those types of looks. 
Feel free to print out your inspiration photos and bring them with you your session. Since we only have a short time together, this will help Stereo Vision see what you're looking to achieve during your session.
Most of all, have fun! We are there to make you look good and we'll pose coach you throughout your session if you need us to. We LOVE working with dancers and it's a privilege to be able to photograph the wonderful dancers participating in the Art of the Belly!
Don't forget, we also offer performance photos for only $25 throughout the entire Art of the Belly weekend.